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Searx App for KaiOS: First version released!

We're proud to announce that we've finished our first mobile app and it's a search app made for feature phones running #KaiOS and released under AGPL 3.0.
It makes use of the Searx API which is also free and open source software and can be used on many public servers.
#Searx can ask many big search engines which can be selected by the user in the background anonymously and combines them into one big results page.
Some people may not know what KaiOS is so here is a short summary:

KaiOS is a operating system for smart feature phones like the Nokia 8110 or the JioPhone.
Phones with KaiOS have WiFi and the ability to install and run apps but they have keys instead of a touchscreen. KaiOS is based on the abandoned #FirefoxOS open source project and all of its native apps are written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. That makes it easy to write apps for it - You only need #Palemoon or an older #Firefox version and a USB cable to make your apps run on the phone.

The reason why we chose Searx as backend is quite simple: It offers a public API without the need to register for a token and without being dependent on a single provider.
As long as we don't experience a outage of the whole internet, that should make our app fail-safe.
To give users as much freedom as possible, you have full control over the Searx instances you want to use - You can select one out of currently five from our list or add other instances and delete predefined ones.
We try to offer as much customization opportunities as possible:

  • You can select the language you want to get results in
  • You can select the source of the autocomplete (or turn it off)
  • You can select the mode for safe search (off/moderate/strict)
  • You can select the search engines you want to use in the different categories

The app is able to search in all categories offered by the Searx API.
Image search allows you to easily download images from the results by pressing the left button.
Like always we try to offer our software in as many languages as possible - Currently only English and German but help in translating is always welcome.
You can translate the project on our Pootle instance or by forking the project and submitting a properties file using a pull request.
The source code of the app is available on NotABug.
There is no information website about the app currently and there is no Mastodon project account.
If you have feature requests or bug reports, please use the NotABug issues or comment on this blog post.
Currently the app is not available in the official KaiOS Appstore because their seems to be a bug at their publishing platform but you can install is manually by downloading the ZIP from NotABug and installing it using WebIDE (Palemoon/Firefox).

Halcyon 2.4.0 adds sharing and more

Yesterday we've released #Halcyon version 2.4.0 which is a bit bigger than usual updates so it's time for a blog post once again.
The biggest and most important thing is that every Halcyon instance has a share page now at /intent/toot where you can link to from your website.
We already have a small script and a documentation page for using the share button,see here
It looks pretty much the same as Twitters share page and also allows writing without being logged in and then login when sending just like they do.
To make a redirect easy,we kept the API similar to #Twitter - You can simply rewrite to
Additionally we're planning a #Firefox extension which should automatically replace all Tweet buttons with Toot buttons so that you can use the share feature also on bigger sites which don't care about the fediverse.
Another thing that changed in version 2.4.0 is that there are small overlays when hovering a mention now.
#Mastodon does not have such a feature but Twitter has it and it's quite useful so we decided to add it to Halcyon.
When hovering over a mention,it will now show some basic information about the user like display name,about me and count of toots,followers and followings.
One of the bugfixes is that Pleroma users weren't able to add new accounts to lists caused by Pleromas change of the user ID format what wasn't fixed in Halcyon at this point.
Another bugfix is that Halcyon does now keep your scroll position when you aren't on top of the timeline and there are new posts appearing.
We're proud to announce that our language support still keeps growing.
There's an Arabic translation now which is unfortunately incomplete but we added it anyway.
This means that Halcyon does now support 13 different languages and we expect this number to grow even more in future.
If you want to help with translating Halcyon,you can do that on our Pootle instance.
Your help is also needed for existing languages as we added new strings for translation with this version.
We hope that you like what we're doing.
Feel free to give us feedback as comment to this post,as NotABug issue or as mention to
We're always happy about constructive feedback,feature requests and bug reports. - Our new Mastodon instance

It's been quite a while since we've taken online the last public service for everyone.
Working on open source software is important for the whole community and it needs much time and resources but our server was quite bored all the time.
So additionally to the open source development stuff which will of course continue,we do now host a regional #Mastodon instance for public registration.
The #Fediverse is a great network with many nice people and it's built completely with open source software.
It's important for us to support a network of this sort and that was the right time to give something back to the network.
We had planned putting online a new Mastodon instance for a long time but then we saw that a small German instance would go offline soon and decided to take it over.
Continuing an existing service and making sure that all existing users don't lose their digital home is much better than creating a completely new service out of the nothing.
You can find the instance at but it's mainly meant for people near Muenster and most posts are in German.
The instance runs with the #GlitchSoc software (Git repo) which is a fork of Mastodon which allows more settings for users as well as server admin.
For example GlitchSoc makes the 5000 chars limit instead of 500 chars possible and that's important for heaving real conversations and not just a short message.
Additionally we do now have a #Halcyon instance at so you can use it with the easy and beautiful design of Twitter. runs on a HP ProLiant DL380 G6 server with two Intel Xeon Quad Core CPUs,32GB memory and 4x72GB RAID5 HDDs so there is still much space for new users.
Feel free to check it out and give comments how you like it.
For the next few weeks or months,there are even more free public services planned but you have to wait for the details until it comes online.


A glitchy but lovable microblogging server. Contribute to...


Ein kostenloses und werbefreies soziales Netzwerk für Personen aus Münster...

Mastodon hosted on

New blog with new design and ActivityPub support

It was absolutely time for bringing a new blog online.
The previous one was already quite outdated when we brought it online but we decided for it anyway because it was simple and free and we didn't have that big server capacities back then.
In the old situation it was a big advantage that it was centralized and hosted for free on MyBlogs servers so we had no trouble with it.
The downsides were the third party ads which ignore your privacy and couldn't be turned off - And for us that we had to rely on a third party we couldn't control.
We learned our lessons when there were some server outages but due to the software being proprietary,there wasn't a quick and easy solutions so we stayed there a little longer and longer and...
After our big success with the #Mastodon client #Halcyon and a growing number of users which could theoretically visit the blog,it was clear that something better would be needed sooner or later.
It's later now and the new and much better and more modern blog is finally online.
It was clear that the next blogging software must be open source and run on our own infrastructure which grow enough to handle all the traffic - At least we hope so,let's try if it's true.
Another of our requirements was the #ActivityPub support because we're doing much in the ActivityPub network so it wouldn't make sense not to have our blog there.
With this requirement the amount of available software wasn't that big anymore: Only Wordpress,Plume,WriteAs and were left.
The biggest blogging software is #Wordpress but it's totally bloated and nearly every theme includes some third-party shit and ActivityPub support is only available using addons which are still in alpha stage so this one fell out of the decision quite early.
#WriteAs and #Plume are both very cool softwares which are built for ActivityPub Support from the very beginning and they are free of trackers and not that bloated so good choices but they're made for instances with more users what you can see in the way it's built and we think that's great for the big majority but not for our simple and small blog which should just contain some project updates.
Only #MicroblogPub is left at this point and that has been my personal favourite from the point when I first heard about it but when it also made the best points in the direct comparison,it was clear what software we have to use. is a single-user blogging software written in #Python which is open source and has only a few dependencies.
In it's original version you can see that it's meant for short posts even if it doesn't have a hardcoded character limit and should be used more in the way of a lightweight,single-user Mastodon instance.
To make it look more like a normal blog,we've rewritten most of the frontend source code using PureCSS which looks modern and isn't that bloated.
We made our modified source code available in the NikisoftBlog NotABug repository to make it easy for other people to run their own ActivityPub based blog.
We hope that you like what we did here and we're happy about comments,bug reports and feature requests in the comments (you can just reply to this post using a ActivityPub supporting software) or in our #NotABug issues.
But when requesting a feature,please keep in mind that this is a low priority project which we mainly do for our own use and as long as we don't attract hundreds of users,it may take some time until feature requests are implemented because we also have to work on our more popular projects.
Like this post?You can also follow this blog now using every ActivityPub compatible software.


A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog. - tsileo/

nipos/nikisoftblog fork with new design and some customizations for running the...

Zanata outage and our reactions

On the 28th March 2019 Zanata,the translation platform we use for community translations of Halcyon,went down for the first time.
It was down for quite a few days but every service has some server problems sometimes so we didn't expect that as a big problem and just continued to use it when it was back online.
There was nothing what would make us think about this happening again soon or even going down forever.
Unfortunately it happened again and was reported on the 26th April 2019 at Zanatas issues page.
This time the outage was one week long - it ended today,the 30th April 2019 - and we gave up the hope that it will work again some day,what was of course wrong but we expect further outages.
While trying to find out more about the service status we found that Zanata is no longer maintained,the Git repository hasn't had any update for months and Red Hat doesn't have a team for managing Zanata anymore.
Knowing this it was clear that we needed a new translation platform but when searching for hosted solutions,we could only find paid ones but good software for hosting a own translation site.
We decided that Pootle looks interesting and may be worth giving a try so we did it and are quite happy with the results.
Yes,selfhosting Zanata would have been possible too as it's open source but it's written in Java what would have put a quite heavy load on our servers and the project is no longer maintained so,thinking of running in long term,that would have been a bad idea in general.
When trying to setup Pootle,we experienced very many problems and it took hours to find the cause and fix it but now we can warn anyone who wants to setup his or her own Pootle instance.
Please don't use MariaDB/MySQL for it as it messes up collations somehow what prevents the initdb command from working and will cause some unexpected error 500s later when trying to use it.
We finally decided to run the whole installation process again using PostgreSQL as database backend and initdb worked just fine and we have yet to experience the first error 500.
First we thought new translations which were made after the release of Halcyon 2.3.0 would be lost but luckily Zanata came back online to allow us downloading backups.
Because Zanata is no longer maintained and outages are getting more often,we consider it bad as long term solution and decided to go with our Pootle instance now even if Zanata may work as a short term solution again.
We imported all data to our new Pootle instance,luckily with zero data loss for the translations,only new user accounts are required.
Pootle seems well maintained with a quite active Git repository so this should do the job for a long time hopefully.
At least we will no longer have to worry about data loss as results of outages because everything is stored on our own servers now.
If you want to help translating Halcyon,you can do that on our Pootle instance from now on.

Halcyon 2.3.0 - Polls are coming to Mastodon

I long time has passed since the last big step was announced for Halcyon.
In the meantime we did some smaller changes and mainly bugfixes.
A few days ago Mastodon released version 2.8.0 which finally had support for polls which where announced some weeks before.
We first planned to release Halcyon 2.3.0 with poll support a few days before Mastodons 2.8.0 release so that you can start using polls in Halcyon without having to wait.
Unfortunately that didn't completely work but we released it yesterday,only 5 days after Mastodon got that feature.
Polls are fully supported in Halcyon: You can create them,vote on them and see their results.
Additionally Halcyon supports multiple choice polls which are supported by the Mastodon API but can't be created using Mastodons own webclient.
Polls are a good addition to the Fediverse as they allow you to easily collect the opinion of others and they stay anonymous and don't have to type something.
We expect them to be heavily used as soon as most instances have upgraded to Mastodon 2.8.0 so it was important to us that they're available fast.
Polls are great but other things have happened too since our last blog post.
Another big step is our new Website at which was published a few weeks ago.
We had to wait with this until this domain was available again and had only our NotABug repository and our Mastodon account for information before.
The new website should be easier to use and more beautiful than our old NotABug wiki pages.
We also created a completely new instance list which is easier to maintain and looks better.
You can now add your instance yourself but please only add Halcyon instances.
We often get new entries of Mastodon instances in the Halcyon instance list.
That really doesn't make any sense and it's much work to remove all the spam,please stop that!
New languages have also come to Halcyon what is always great because it makes Halcyon more useful for people around the world.
Thank you all very much for your help with the translations.
Since the last bigger release Czech and French have been added and many others have been improved.
Other changed in the meantime were mainly bugfixes and some smaller features.
We won't list them all here again as you can see them detailed in the release notes of the previous releases.
If you want to help translating,you can do this for the current release here at our Zanata page.
If you want to give any feedback or report bugs,you can do that in the comments,at our Mastodon profile or in the NotABug Issues.

Privacy-focused media streaming and more - The new Halcyon 2.2.0

It’s been a long time since we published the last Halcyon update - Maybe a bit too long.
We always try to push updates as soon as possible in order to prevent people from thinking the project might be dead once again.
Anyway this time the update included some bigger changes,that’s why we call it 2.2.0 instead of 2.1.7,and so we needed more time to do everything well.
The new Halcyon version supports embeds of videos from PeerTube,YouTube and Vimeo.
Nothing special so far,the default Mastodon frontend supports that too,but like always we focus on privacy here.
That means we do not simply embed IFrames to the official players of the third party sites but use our own new player instead.
They work in the same way like Invidious,a popular website which allows watching YouTube videos without ads and with more privacy.
Unluckily there have been many missunderstandings with this update so we want to make a few things more clear here.
The first thing in fact were privacy concerns because some people thought we would really just embed the official players -> That is not true,we never even thought about that because they sell your data and that sucks.
Another thing was the possibility that it could put more load on your Mastodon instance and that’s wrong,too.
The new players put a bit more load on your Halcyon instance if you enable the players,but has no effect on the Mastodon instance.
That’s required by the way how they work.
A server side PHP script fetches the webpage of YouTube or Vimeo as if they were a browser and extract data of the video there.
Then they send the direct links to the MP4 files and the preview image to the user what eliminates the possibility of any tracking or advertisement.
If you upgrade your instance,you must add the new config params to your config file or the instance will throw errors but in the config you have options to turn the new players off if you don’t have the additionally needed power.
Another new option there is the proxy: All proxy types (socks5,socks4,https and http) are supported and if you don’t want a proxy,you can set it to none.
In our example Halcyon is configured to use a locally installed Tor client which acts as a SOCKS5 proxy.
The proxy is used to resolve the YouTube and Vimeo embeds meaning to get their real MP4 file links.
All videos of all your users are requested using one IP address normally,your server IP.
That may work well for some time but if you send too many requests from a single IP to them,they may block you.
It hasn’t been tested yet but that’s basically how every firewall works and especially the big services tend to overblocking if you don’t allow them to spy on you.
Tor gives you another public IP address for your requests every few minutes.
That will prevent the video sited from permanently blocking your Halcyon instance at least in theory.
We don’t know a reason why that may fail but again it hasn’t been tested yet as we didn’t get blocked.
You see why a proxy may make sense now?
If you login to your Mastodon server,the Halcyon instance and the Mastodon instance need to exchange some requests.
In this case the new proxy setting is not used.
As PeerTube is a privacy-friendly decentralized open source project,we do not use a similar technology to embed their videos and just embed their official player.
In older versions Halcyon threatened all videos like animated GIFs and couldn’t play audio files.
For real videos on Mastodon the same player is now used as for the new third-party embeds.
For audio we added a completely different new player which works quite well in the timeline but not in status overlays.
Sorry but we haven’t been able to locate the cause of this bug so far.
Currently Mastodon itself does not allow you to upload audio files but this feature will come soon to Mastodon and then you will already be able to make use of it in Halcyon.
Pleroma users have already been able to upload audio for a long time and for them,the new player should work,too.
If you’re a user,you have the possibility of enabling or disabling all media players in the new media settings section.
Mastodon media and PeerTube embeds are enabled by default,YouTube and Invidious are opt-in.
To video converted GIFs which were always played in the past can be disabled now,too.
We hope that we can prevent missunderstandings in future with the help of this statement but if you still have questions,feel free to ask us at Mastodon or here in the comments.
Another thing which is totally new in Halcyon 2.2.0 is support for docker.
Docker lets you easily install applications in containers where all dependencies are already included and all system settings can be customized for every single applications.
That makes the installation process much easier and faster.
Docker is now just one of many ways how you can install Halcyon.
If you already run a instance using YunoHost or a manual install,it doesn’t make any sense to switch to the Docker version now but you can make use of it when setting up a new instance.
All Docker related files are in the /docker folder in the repository.
We also added Italian translations with this update what means that you need to enable the it_IT locale on your server and some other translations have been improved.
Many new words have been added to Halcyon since version 2.1.0 which is currently available for translation what means that translations can never be complete.
We will soon make all the new words available for translating to fix that problem.
We thank you so much for going this interesting way together with us.
It all would not be possible without all contributors and bug reporters.
The amount of contributions is increasing heavily these days what makes it possible to release more features with less time between them.
Version 2.2.0 was made with the help of 4 contributors,again thank you so much.
And as always we will give you a short look into the future at this point.
Many people complained that the homepage should look more like Twitter and while we agree,we also think that there are many more important things to do.
Happily another person said that he can do the job for us for free and we will talk about the details within the next days so that wish may be one of the first to become true.
It are still the small things we focus because we can change much using few time that way and that also answers the recurring question of a mobile view.
That will be much work and it’s still far away from becoming available,sorry for that.
We are always happy about the reactions we get and when reading the reaction we see that you’re happy with the work we’re doing,that feels nice.
If you have any ideas,problems,wishes,complaints or other things you want to let us know,please do so in the comments below,on Mastodon,in the NotABug issues or privately using our contact form.
If you want to help us,you can contribute to the code,report problems to us or donate using Libravatar or Bitcoin.
Additionally we always need help with our translations to support more languages or to complete the support for existing ones.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a nice day.

PixelFork - Image sharing in a new way

After the big success with Halcyon we want to try something new, we want to fork a open source project. It relays on the ActivityPub protocol so it will federate with the "fediverse".
This time there are also more people working on this project. So we can concentrate on both client and server side development.
We've announced that months ago, because we are unhappy with Pixelfed's main developer and his decisions, when he announced that federation support will be ready soon.
PixelFed has a user interface similar to Instagram, its basically a clone of said site, but for the fediverse. Think Twitter -> Mastodon, but this time Instagram -> Pixelfed.
Sadly, we had to come to the conclusion that PixelFeds developer doesn't really care about the user, federation and decentralization.
Even PixelFed's Readme states: "Please note this is alpha software, not recommended for production use, and federation is not supported yet.".
Which is in our opinion bad practice for a free software project, if people try it out and get excited they may even start contributing to the project.

So what's the deal exaclty?

We've came up with the idea months ago when federation support was announced to be ready soon. We were unhappy with many decisions of the original developers.
Oh well, this one is a fork, as the name already says, probably that's important to know. For people who don't know what a fork is: It's basically the original code with changes from other developers.
Our intention is to make the world better by providing social media technologies to everyone without profit in mind.
Unlike PixelFed, our project PixelFork takes privacy seriously and is fully decentralized.
But the main differences of PixelFork are decided by you! - Sure, there are parts of PixelFed (the original project) we already announced to remove. While PixelFeds developer doesn't care that much about the users opinions, we take our users opinions seriously and integrate what's requested by the community.
That means if you use PixelFork and think that you're missing something, drop us a line. We'll see what we can do to make PixelFork a better project for you.
We've already achieved a lot, even before we started, but that isn't what makes us different from PixelFed. It makes PixelFed better.
Everyone wanted a federated timeline, that timeline which shows everything from all instanced at Mastodon which PixelFork is compatible with. You can discover new users from there.
Dozens of PixelFed users requested this feature, but the developer always says he doesn't like that and would never ever implement it.
At the very beginning of our project we announced that we will add a federated timeline and guess what - only a few days later the federated timeline arrived at PixelFed.
But the problem what caused us to create this fork is still here and still needs to be removed.
It's the insights/analytics feature which was announced some months ago. It has the goal to bringing influencers, businesses and brands into the fediverse.
Dansup states that he does that with privacy in mind but you don't believe that,right? Tracking CAN NEVER be done with privacy in mind. Yes,there are really evil trackers and some which don't track that much but they're made to track and that's what they do - and that's ALWAYS against your privacy.
Our answer: We do not need (mercenary) influencers, we don't need businesses and we do not need brands with their ads!
We'll delete that feature and - if the original dev is successful with his software - we'll integrate a blocker that removes those ads from the timelines if they should federate.
The free networks must keep the users first without advertisement spam, but content from people for people.
Another bad thing is the pro subscriptions feature.
You must pay for using free software in a free network - what the hell?!
You get some storage for free, you can upload your stuff there. Then the storage is full and you have to delete old pictures or you can't use a free and open social network anymore. Of course you could pay, but in our opinion that's not free anymore.
Please think about this.
While there are way too much things which shouldn't be done in PixelFed, the things really important features will never get finished.
That there is no federation at the moment doesn't make sense. It can't be called a federated software if everything else is more important than federation...
Another important feature we miss and will be fixed by us it MariaDB support.
MariaDB is a MySQL replacement which is almost 99% compatible. It is the standard in most Linux distributions.
We'll also try to remove some dependencies to make it easier and cheaper to run your own instance, because if there's only one flagship,we really don't need federation!
At the end it should be possible to run PixelFork on a normal webhosting space,no own servers needed anymore.
There's another great and big thing we'll add but that will be a surprise - no further information yet. We don't need another theft of our ideas 😉 And there will be even more which we don't know ourselves today.

Closing thoughts

This was just a relatively short overview of our biggest plans for the future. It should also be a answer to the question: Why are you doing this?!
If you have any ideas, questions, wishes or want to tell us anything else,do it!
You can use the blog comments, write to on Mastodon or use our NotABug Issues.
PixelFork's goals in summary:

  • Users first
  • MariaDB compatibility
  • No ads
  • No pro accounts
  • No analytics and tracking
  • More openness
  • Runs on webhosting

Our team

Halcyon 2.1.0 - Introducing lists and more

First of all thank you very much for going this interesting way with us!
It has been about a half year since we've announced our first new Halcyon version to be online and in the meantime we went always further towards our goal of a fully featured Mastodon client.
With this release - a half year after it all began - we introduced a feature which brought us nearer to our goal than always before.
Let's switch over to the technical details.
We introduced full support for Mastodons lists feature.
Lists allow you to organize a selection of people in a special timeline to prevent messing up your home timeline and still don't miss anything.
Lists can be created,deleted,viewed and members can be added and deleted.
Mastodon had this feature for quite a while and many other clients have supported it for a long time,even if not completely sometimes.
For example with Pinafore you can view lists but not modify them in any way.
We aim to make the default Mastodon webclient obsolete so it was clear that we have to support modifying lists,too - And we did it.
You can work with lists in a similar way you know from the Mastodon webclient on the Lists page but another thing you can do here is adding people to a list directly from within a timeline in the menu where you can mute,block,...
If you don't follow that person already and your server requires that (Mastodon does,Pleroma doesn't),you'll be asked if you want to follow and if you click yes,you follow that person and automatically add him/her to the selected list.
Lists work in the easiest way you can imagine here,don't they?
Another thing we changed is that there is a direct messages timeline now in your profile dropdown (click on your avatar in the header nav) and direct messages are filtered out of your home timeline now.
By the way: Starting today you can help us translating the new words which have been added after 2.0.0 here: Halcyon 2.1.0 on Zanata
Enough of the new stuff,let's go back a step in the recent history (what happened between 2.0.0 and 2.1.0)
We fixed many small bugs and optimized the code in version 2.0.1 which was mainly a bugfix release.
Additionally we added the languages Polish,Japanese and Korean in 2.0.1 and Galician in 2.0.2.
There's still much to do to give Halcyon the native language of all people in the world but we're making a big progress.
At the beginning we didn't expect Halcyon to become only half as popular as it is today.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way,we wouldn't be at this point without you!
The most important thing we changed in 2.0.2 is the new dark theme.
There were so many people who wrote this wish at Mastodon and in the NotABug issues but it's much work so we couldn't implement that ourselves that fast.
Luckily there was a nice contributor who wrote the dark theme and sent it to us using a pull request.
The dark theme is something what people seem to love.
For the instance admins we created new documentation pages which show the steps to install and configure Halcyon correctly and also some well-known bugs and how to fix them.
You can find the new documentation in our NotABug Wiki
If you want to support Halcyon,you can do that on our Liberapay profile now.
Enough for now,this time we won't announce any future things because there are so many announced features which still haven't been implemented.
As always we're happy to get responses from you.
Tell us why you like Halcyon,what you don't like,which features you want to have or anything else what you want to tell us.
You can use the comments section below this post,our Mastodon profile or our NotABug issues page
Thanks for reading,have a nice day!

Halcyon 2.0.0 - The biggest changes in detail

With Halcyon version 2.0.0 we released the first very big update.
The really important thing is that we finally released support for multiple languages.
That was very much work but many users wanted it and we believe that it makes Halcyon much easier for people who don't speak English that good.
We hope many people will participate at Zanata to translate Halcyon into many other languages.
Support for German and Brazilian Portuguese has already been finished and that are the first languages to come in Halcyon.
You can translate into other languages here: Translate Halcyon at Zanata
Important notice for instance admins with root access to the server
Please make sure that the locales of the supported languages (currently en_US.de_DE and pt_BR) are enabled on your system or they can't be used in Halcyon.
If you don't have root access on the server,there's nothing you can do about it and the languages on your Halcyon instance are limited to what your hoster has enabled.
Instance admin notice end
Another thing we did with 2.0.0 was removing all the CDN connections.
All javascript and CSS files are now shipped in the Halcyon repository and loaded directly from your Halcyon instance,the emojis are loaded from the Mastodon/Pleroma instance where you're logged in.
From the previous announcement we've implemented the better who to follow page with more recommendations in version 1.2.1 and the emojipicker with version 1.2.2.
The next things to come are custom profile fields,supports for lists and support for list filters.
And hopefully very much more in the next weeks.
We hope you like what we did,we put very much work in it and as always we're happy about feedback.
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