Discontinuing DevTube

We're very sorry but this time we have a really bad announcement to make!
For those who don't know: DevTube is the GGC-Projects instance of the federated video hosting platform #PeerTube and it was probably the most popular service of GGC-Project.
Unfortunately, videos are big and so the storage usage kept growing and did now come to a point where we can't handle that anymore without massive additional costs.
The GGC-Project initially started on a small virtual server, but had to move to a dedicated server after a few months already as the former lead admin noticed that it has become too big.
Since then we've had 3 terabytes of storage which was sufficient for a few years.
With less then 200 gigabytes left, and storage usage growing fast, we came to the result that we can't just go on with the current setup as the server would be completely full in only a few months.
On the other hand, the quality of moderation has significantly decreased as all team members, including myself, are very busy with other things like paid work, programming and the many other services that GGC-Project offers.
With the ongoing attempts to put spam on our platform, this was another thing that we couldn't just ignore and continue as usual, pretending nothing ever happened.
As consequence, we have made the difficult decision that it's time to bring things to an end and discontinue our DevTube service early next year.
Registrations are already closed, no new accounts can be created, existing accounts can continue to upload new videos.
At the 1st February, we will close uploads for all existing accounts, so that you have the whole January to find a new home for your videos, existing videos are still online and can be viewed in February.
At the 1st March, we will shut down the PeerTube server software, making all existing videos unavailable to the public, you should have downloaded backups and moved to another instance by now, alternatively you can still request backups by writing a mail to our support the whole March.
At the 1st April, we will completely remove all PeerTube contents and data from our servers, now it's too late to request backups of your videos, everything is gone.
We have selected a timeframe like that to make sure everything notices the changes early enough and has enough time to migrate to another server.
If you use other GGC-Project services, there's no need to panic, everything will continue to work as always.
PeerTube is the only service we'll be shutting down due to it's extremely high usage of storage.
This makes place for other services to continue for multiple years without needing any hardware upgrades, and makes them even faster and more reliable by removing a big part of the load from our servers.
We've been happy to serve you with freedom and hope that our unavoidable decision hasn't destroyed your trust in our platform that we're operating to build a better internet without surveillance, tracking and ads.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the GGC-Project support at or comment directly under our blog post.

December 31, 2021, 23:00 PM