Our new forum is online

Two days ago we brought the new inofficial German Deepin community online.
We worked some weeks at this forum with the goal to create something unique which doesn't look like thousands of other forums do, too.
Now we think we have archived this goal because our forum is different like all our services are.
The feedback at the official English Deepin forum was very positive.
We hope we can give users of this great operating system answers to their questions in German in future.
Additionally to this forum we will also put the link to our German Chromebook community at our homepage.
This was started as a hobby project first with the intention to have an quick and dirty alternative to the only other German Chromebook forum which was seen by some spammers.
Now we will have both forums as normal services, not just hobby projects.
Deepin forum: - Chromebook forum:

ChromeOS Forum

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May 17, 2019, 13:17 PM