Halcyon 2.0.0 - The biggest changes in detail

With Halcyon version 2.0.0 we released the first very big update.
The really important thing is that we finally released support for multiple languages.
That was very much work but many users wanted it and we believe that it makes Halcyon much easier for people who don't speak English that good.
We hope many people will participate at Zanata to translate Halcyon into many other languages.
Support for German and Brazilian Portuguese has already been finished and that are the first languages to come in Halcyon.
You can translate into other languages here: Translate Halcyon at Zanata
Important notice for instance admins with root access to the server
Please make sure that the locales of the supported languages (currently en_US.de_DE and pt_BR) are enabled on your system or they can't be used in Halcyon.
If you don't have root access on the server,there's nothing you can do about it and the languages on your Halcyon instance are limited to what your hoster has enabled.
Instance admin notice end
Another thing we did with 2.0.0 was removing all the CDN connections.
All javascript and CSS files are now shipped in the Halcyon repository and loaded directly from your Halcyon instance,the emojis are loaded from the Mastodon/Pleroma instance where you're logged in.
From the previous announcement we've implemented the better who to follow page with more recommendations in version 1.2.1 and the emojipicker with version 1.2.2.
The next things to come are custom profile fields,supports for lists and support for list filters.
And hopefully very much more in the next weeks.
We hope you like what we did,we put very much work in it and as always we're happy about feedback.
You can use the comments section,our contact form (see sidebar) or write to on Mastodon or Pleroma.

May 17, 2019, 13:57 PM