Halcyon 2.1.0 - Introducing lists and more

First of all thank you very much for going this interesting way with us!
It has been about a half year since we've announced our first new Halcyon version to be online and in the meantime we went always further towards our goal of a fully featured Mastodon client.
With this release - a half year after it all began - we introduced a feature which brought us nearer to our goal than always before.
Let's switch over to the technical details.
We introduced full support for Mastodons lists feature.
Lists allow you to organize a selection of people in a special timeline to prevent messing up your home timeline and still don't miss anything.
Lists can be created,deleted,viewed and members can be added and deleted.
Mastodon had this feature for quite a while and many other clients have supported it for a long time,even if not completely sometimes.
For example with Pinafore you can view lists but not modify them in any way.
We aim to make the default Mastodon webclient obsolete so it was clear that we have to support modifying lists,too - And we did it.
You can work with lists in a similar way you know from the Mastodon webclient on the Lists page but another thing you can do here is adding people to a list directly from within a timeline in the menu where you can mute,block,...
If you don't follow that person already and your server requires that (Mastodon does,Pleroma doesn't),you'll be asked if you want to follow and if you click yes,you follow that person and automatically add him/her to the selected list.
Lists work in the easiest way you can imagine here,don't they?
Another thing we changed is that there is a direct messages timeline now in your profile dropdown (click on your avatar in the header nav) and direct messages are filtered out of your home timeline now.
By the way: Starting today you can help us translating the new words which have been added after 2.0.0 here: Halcyon 2.1.0 on Zanata
Enough of the new stuff,let's go back a step in the recent history (what happened between 2.0.0 and 2.1.0)
We fixed many small bugs and optimized the code in version 2.0.1 which was mainly a bugfix release.
Additionally we added the languages Polish,Japanese and Korean in 2.0.1 and Galician in 2.0.2.
There's still much to do to give Halcyon the native language of all people in the world but we're making a big progress.
At the beginning we didn't expect Halcyon to become only half as popular as it is today.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way,we wouldn't be at this point without you!
The most important thing we changed in 2.0.2 is the new dark theme.
There were so many people who wrote this wish at Mastodon and in the NotABug issues but it's much work so we couldn't implement that ourselves that fast.
Luckily there was a nice contributor who wrote the dark theme and sent it to us using a pull request.
The dark theme is something what people seem to love.
For the instance admins we created new documentation pages which show the steps to install and configure Halcyon correctly and also some well-known bugs and how to fix them.
You can find the new documentation in our NotABug Wiki
If you want to support Halcyon,you can do that on our Liberapay profile now.
Enough for now,this time we won't announce any future things because there are so many announced features which still haven't been implemented.
As always we're happy to get responses from you.
Tell us why you like Halcyon,what you don't like,which features you want to have or anything else what you want to tell us.
You can use the comments section below this post,our Mastodon profile or our NotABug issues page
Thanks for reading,have a nice day!

May 17, 2019, 14:02 PM