Halcyon - What we did and what we will do

We're happy to annouce that we've just released Halcyon version 1.1.0!
It's not an aprils fool,it's our easter egg for you!
That's a very big step as this release is much more then just a bugfix.
We did much to come to this point and fixed many bugs in Halcyon with minor versions but don't forget that Mastodon often gets new features and Halcyon needs them,too.
So we've just implemented the things we think you missed most in the past.
Custom Emojis are now in Halcyon starting at version 1.1.0!
They are fully supported now without any limitations or known issues.
An emoji picker isn't yet available but it's planned that one will come with a future version.
While most Mastodon instances use the standard char limit of 500 chars for a toot,Pleroma is also compatible with Halcyon and often has different limits.
So if you're using Halcyon with an instance which allows a custom toot length,Halcyon does now also allow that and automatically detects your instances limit.
If your instance doesn't send an custom limit over the /instance API call,Halcyon will allow you to use the default limit of 500 chars.
Another change in this version is that Halcyon instance admins do now have the possibility to change the terms of service by changing the terms.txt file with support for HTML formatting but without the need for HTML knowledge.
You can use HTML there but you needn't to say it in simple words.
Modifying the login/terms.php file is not needed anymore.
While the previous Halcyon version finally solved the weird Who to follow suggestions,it also had a new bug because of that which required you to reload the page after the login for the toots to load.
That bug has been solved now and the toots should load fine directly after the login.
But is that everything you want Halcyon to do?
Surely not and that's why we've already had a very big list of upcoming features from the beginning of this project and now we'll make a short list of the most important ones of them:

  • Mobile design that makes Halcyon usable in every phone browser
  • Dark design for both desktop and mobile
  • Support for multiple accounts at the same time - switch between them with a single click
  • Desktop notifications which are also visible when you're in another tab or window and appear when you get a new notification
  • Support for translations - use Halcyon in your own language
  • An emoji picker for selecting the custom emojis of your instance
  • Edit your profile settings using Halcyon
  • We hope you're happy with what we're doing.

If you have additional ideas or thoughts about our plans,please write them into the comments,create an Github issue or write us a toot to
You can download Halcyon for free at GitHub: halcyon-suite/halcyon
Or you can use it for free on one of two publicly available instances: -

May 17, 2019, 13:31 PM