Happy new year!

We wish you all a happy new year 2018!
In 2017 we did many new things.
We published YouFail on which we started working in 2016 and we published a completely new overview page.
The next thing to come at the beginning of 2018 will be an inofficial German forum for Deepin Linux.
Don't worry if you speak another language,we didn't forget you.
The official Deepin Forum is English and there already are some inofficial ones in other languages so it wouldn't make much sense to open another one for them.
But our new bigger services will definitely come international as always.
The first international thing to come is our new account system but at the beginning,you can't do anything with that account.
After that the completely rebuilt Sites will come and that's what you need the account for.
That's all for now!
We already have a list of other planned things but it's not sure that all of them will be realized and how long that all takes so we will keep the secret a little bit longer.
Now have a nice year!

May 17, 2019, 13:15 PM